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Caleta Chañaral - Scientific Observatories - Beaches of the Region
Caleta Chañaral

From a trip from La Serena to the northern border of the Coquimbo Region we arrive at Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno, a picturesque dream place on the coast of the Atacama desert to embark on a tourist boat that will sail around the Chañaral Island of Olive in search of Humboldt Penguins, Cormorants, Alcatraces and Whales that usually rest in season of their trip to the Antarctic, in an adventure that teaches us of conservation and marine ecology, typical lunch of the north coast of the country evoking our culinary heritage.

07:00 Departure from La Serena
- Arrival to Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno
- Boarding to Isla Chañaral de Aceituno
- Navigation
- Lunch at a local restaurant
- Return to Los Choros, visit olive oil stores, visit Casa de la Esquina.
- Return to La Serena
18:00 Arrival at La Serena
Scientific Observatories

Cerro Tololo AURA Observatory (American Universities Research Administration)

Leaving La Serena on a trip through the Elqui Valley, we find the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, a scientific Observatory that is part of the worldwide investigation of the secrets of the universe, on a tour of its facilities in a We will see a privileged visit because Chile is a world leader in astronomical research.

Schedule and visit depending on the provision of AURA, visit only with prior reservation of at least 30 days.

Cerro La Silla Observatory ESO (European Southern Observatory)

On a trip to the Atacama Desert, we find the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the largest scientific Observatory in Chile, the birthplace of the new telescope technology (NTT) that is used in the new mega telescopes in the world in a tour of its facilities in a privileged visit we will see how astronomical research places us as Chile becomes the most important place in world astronomy, in a visit to Telescope 3.60 we will see how the first exoplanets have been discovered in other systems solar.

Schedule and visit depending on the provision of ESO, visit only with prior reservation of at least 30 days.

Beaches of the Region

Leaving from the City of La Serena to the south in an ideal activity to enjoy with family or friends, we will find beautiful beaches with their own identities and common characteristics, the first detention is in La Herradura to enjoy a beautiful view of one of the bays Most extraordinary in America, we continue traveling along the Pacific coast until we reach a beautiful beach of Polynesian characteristics, its white sands and its peninsula connected by a narrow corridor give rise to two beaches that by their crystalline waters, gentle slopes and gentleness of the The inhabitants of the town is the biggest attraction known internationally as Totoralillo, following a trip to the south, we find a beautiful typical fishing village called Guanaqueros, essentially a place dedicated to artisanal fishing and tourism where they merge into its exquisite Typical cuisine, we will finally visit the neighboring town of Guanaqueros called or Tongoy, a spa with excellent characteristics that offers a wide range of activities for the visitor, in this place we will take the excursion embarked towards the Ostiones and Ostras hatcheries to learn about this beautiful and delicious activity, having tasting on board to culminate In a typical restaurant of the place where we will have lunch and then have a relaxing afternoon in one of its two beautiful beaches, we finally return to La Serena in the afternoon. This is part of a new Biotourism proposal.

09:30 Departure from La Serena
- Passage through Av. Del Mar (photographic detention in the Monumental Lighthouse).
- Visit to the Mirador de la Herradura, (Optional Church of Guayacán.)
- Visit to Totoralillo, photographic detention.
- Visit to Pueblo de Guanaqueros, detention in "The little one" walk to the pier, photography, landscape.
- Visit to Tongoy, back around the peninsula, Victor Domingo Silva's house, brief biography, visit to the fisherman's wharf, boarding for the Oyster crops, tasting on board, lunch in a typical restaurant
- Socos beach rest visit.
- Return to La Serena
18:00 Arrival at La Serena.

Fray Jorge - Barraza - Valley of Enchantment

Leaving from La Serena, we travel to the province of Limarí to visit the PNFJ, a relict forest nestled in the desert, in a sector called “Altos del Talinay”, Biosphere Reserve and National Park that shows us a mysterious and hidden rain forest preserved for millions of years and that shares some of its mysteries, then we will visit the old town of Barraza with its history and traditions on a time trip, we will have lunch in a typical restaurant in the area to continue towards a magical valley, place of ceremonies and astronomical research of ancestral cultures since before Christ to amaze us with petroglyphs and cave paintings of these ancient civilizations mysteriously disappeared.

The order of the points to visit may vary for the benefit of the tour.

08:00 Departure from La Serena
- Arrival to the NFPJ
- Visit to the visitor center, bathrooms, photography.
- Ascent to Talinay High, visit the path of the relict forest.
- Departure from the National Park, trip to the town of Barraza.
- Visit to Barraza, Plaza de Armas, Special guided visit to the Church.
- Lunch in a typical restaurant
- Departure to Valle del Encanto.
- Return to La Serena
18:00 Arrival at La Serena.

La Serena, Región de Coquimbo, Chile.

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