Humboldt Penguin National Reserve


Live Nature from within, contact your interior and enjoy this unique experience in the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve. The most incredible contact with nature begins in La Serena and after a trip of 1 Hr. 45 min. through an interesting geography full of beautiful semi-desert landscapes and wildlife you will reach a small fishing village called «Punta de Choros» where we will embark on a tourist boat that will take us to the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, where we will come into contact with the different species that inhabit two of the three islands of this archipelago, Isla Dama and Isla Los Choros, which are protected for conservation making them world heritage for their bio-diversity; Penguins, Cormorants, Alcatraces, Sea Lions, Dolphins and Whales are among the species that can be seen in this wonderful sanctuary.

IT INCLUDES:     Round trip transfer to your place of accommodation in La Serena or other pre-arranged place     Guide all the way and navigation     Full lunch around the national reserve DOES NOT INCLUDE:     Boat ticket     Conaf ticket     Departure: 08:00     Arrival: 18:00 Approx. The tour is subject to weather conditions