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Punta de Choros – Elqui Valley – Tourist Observatories – City Tour La Serena – Coquimbo
Choros Point

Leaving from the City of La Serena, we travel to the town of Punta de Choros about two hours away to embark on the San Agustín cove and navigate to the Choros and Dama Islands, part of the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve protected and managed by CONAF, place of conservation of the Humboldt Penguin and other species such as Cormorants, Yuncos, Otters and Sea Lions, occasionally it is possible to see other marine species such as Bottlenose Dolphins, this visit is culminated with a lunch with local dishes such as fish and seafood patties .

08:00 Departure from La Serena.
– Arrival to Punta de Choros
– Boarding to the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve
– Navigation
– Lunch at a local restaurant
– Return to Los Choros, visit olive oil stores.
– Return to La Serena
18:00 Arrival at La Serena.

Elqui Valley

With La Serena as a starting point we will enter through the valley of the River that bears the name “Elqui” which is born in the pre-Andes mountain range and ends on the Pacific Ocean coast, this long transversal valley will reveal its secrets, traditions and cultural heritage, cradle of our first Nobel laureate, Gabriela Mistral, on a day visiting her different villages full of history, poetry and the clearest skies in the world for astronomy and that also offers us an interesting ancestral cuisine.

09:00 Departure from La Serena
Puclaro Reservoir
GM Vicuña Museum
Pisco Elqui
great mountain
Lunch at a local restaurant
ABA Pisquera
Return to La Serena
18:00 Arrival at La Serena.

Alfa Village Observatory

We leave from La Serena towards the Pre mountain range of the Elqui Valley to the facilities in the middle of a vineyard of the Alpha Village Observatory located in Vicuña that in a dome offers an explanatory talk in 3D about the creation of the universe, our Solar system and the Earth and the Moon to invite us to go to the place of observation, guiding us through the cleanest sky in the world and showing us our stellar surroundings to the naked eye and then moving on to observation through powerful telescopes showing us stars, quasars, constellations and galaxies in a Personalized exploration and tasting an exquisite local wine or a comforting hot soup.

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Winter time:

Astro Elqui Observatory

We begin the journey from La Serena to the Pre mountain range of the Elqui Valley to the picturesque town of Diaguitas where the Astro Elqui Observatory facilities are located at the foot of Mount Mamalluca where a tasting of typical products of the Elqui Valley is offered as Goat cheeses, Natural Olive Oils, pebre and churrascas, accompanied by hot tea or coffee or medicinal herbal waters, at which time a talk of the worldview of ancestral peoples such as the Molle, Diaguitas and Inkas is offered and then pass to an amphitheater to enjoy the stories of Storytelling, an ancestral Chilean tradition, after that, we are invited to go to the place of observation guiding us through the sky of the Elqui Valley, famous throughout the world for its clean skies and showing our galaxy a naked eye and looking at it as our ancestors saw it and then going on to observation through powerful telescopes pios showing us stars, quasars, constellations and galaxies in a personalized observation ending with an astrophotography of memory of the experience.

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La Serena and Coquimbo City Tour

On a pedestrian walk through the heart of the oldest city of Chile founded on the coast we will visit its Plaza de Armas, Cathedral Church, tour of the historic center knowing part of the founding history, revolutions and its contribution in the future of the country, in A visit to the Archaeological Museum of the city, we will know about ancestral cultures that dominated agriculture, pottery, mining and astronomy, later we will move to the City of Coquimbo while we taste some of the typical dishes of the area as lunch to go to the port, to the fort Charles Lambert, fortress built at the end of the 19th century, to head towards the Third Millennium Cross, the highest Catholic monument in the world culminating with a panoramic view of Coquimbo Bay, additionally you can navigate in a pirate ship full of history and legends …

09:30 Departure from the accommodation
– Visit the historic center of La Serena
12:30 Transfer to Coquimbo by Av. Del Mar
– Typical lunch of the port / area
– Tour of Coquimbo
16:30 Return to the Accommodation Place

La Serena, Región de Coquimbo, Chile.

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